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Presenting other Petrified Vegetables, Fruits, Gourds!

I was so impressed with the most recent specimen submitted that I felt it deserved a display in the Potato Rock Museum even though this specimen is obviously NOT a Potato Rock.  By all appearances this specimen is some kind of petrified vegetable, fruit, or maybe it is a gourd.  Personally I am going with it possibly being a petrified gourd.  If it is not any of these, then I can only assume that this very well may be from another planet.  (Just kidding, or maybe not)

Possible Petrified Gourd acquired in the New England Area
Posted October 19th, 2014

New England Petrified Gourd RockMy father ( Joe Kopcych) was a man who liked swap meets, flea markets, auctions anything like that. He lived in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, but he would travel to New Hampshire and Maine, so he more than likely acquired this Odd Specimen somewhere in the New England area. 

I remember him showing off this “Odd Rock” along with his Potato Rock to me some 40 to 50 years ago. 

The Odd Rock along with a beautiful Potato Rock was passed on to me when he passed in the year 2000. 

Thank you




Check out this Petrified Hot Dog!
Posted November 1st, 2016

This oddity is submitted by a proud Potato rock owner Jerry Galland, and what can we say?  It cannot be anything but a Petrified Hot Dog!  Or maybe a different view, it presents as something like a turtle, or maybe a large snail that became petrified. 

Jerry Galland, Auburn WA



We have a fine selection of “Fossil Fruit” for you to Enjoy!
Posted November August 11, 2020



John has been collecting Rock Fruit.  These were found in Fontevraud, France and explains that these rocks are the size of actual fruit.  This is a limestone as it all is around here. There are veins and relief on the surface just as you would expect. No idea what they are, I guess anything is possible.


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